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Last updated: 10th August, 2021

A growing number of laboratories around the world are using Vircell Extraction & Amplification controls for PCR QC purposes; to comply with lab accreditation and to improve patient care. 
Vircell AmpliRun® Total Controls are independent, external controls to monitor the accuracy and precision of the complete analytical process: extraction and amplification. These non-infectious lyophilized run controls include the complete, inactivated microorganism in a matrix that mimics human specimens.


Why use Vircell AmpliRun® Total controls?

  • Ensure consistent, accurate and meaningful test results
  • Long expiry date (2.5 years) for long term use of a single lot number
  • Avoid the risk of using infectious agents
  • Ideal for the daily control of molecular assays and instrument performance to aid laboratories in meeting quality and regulatory requirements
  • Standardised results with lot-to-lot consistency guaranteed by Vircell.

Current regulatory requirements reinforce the need to use a third party control to monitor your PCR process: “Controls independent of those produced by the manufacturer of the test or analyser should be used” [Ref: National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Australia. AS 4633 (ISO 15189) – Supplemental Requirements for accreditation in the field of Medical testing].

We are pleased to announce that a New Catalogue of AmpliRun® Total is now available with updated information.

NEW AmpliRun Total Catalogue

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