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Last updated: 23rd June, 2023

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

It is a pleasure to inform you that Vircell have increased the concentration of each pathogen of the AmpliRun® Total controls, ranging now from 20 to 50 copies/µl.

Vircell AmpliRun Controls

These controls are designed to verify sample preparation and PCR assays. The higher concentration will still challenge assays but variability between different runs is improved as well as the detection rate for highly multiplexed assays.

Main features of AmpliRun® Total:

  • External quality control for nucleic acids detection
  • Validation of the complete analytical process: extraction & amplification
  • Complete, inactivated microorganism in a matrix that mimics human specimens
  • Quantified controls
  • 10 single-use non-infectious lyophilized vials
  • Daily use ensures reproducibility in the diagnosis, controls the molecular diagnostics process performance and aids laboratories in meeting quality and regulatory requirements






The use of AmpliRun® Total Controls will enable your lab to:

  • Enhance the quality of the whole testing process: extraction and amplification
  • Monitor all aspects of sample testing and instrument performance in the long term
  • Monitor variations in laboratory procedures, including batches of assay reagents
  • Validate and verify new assays
  • Obtain reliable and comparable results
  • Train laboratory personnel/ trial purposes
  • Take corrective actions prior assay failure and detect and troubleshoot suspect results
  • Comply with lab accreditation requirements

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