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Last updated: 29th May, 2024

CHROMASCOPICS Urinalysis Control with Microscopics is designed for the Clinitek Novus, Siemens urinalysis reagent strips, and Siemens Microalbumin 2.The controls may be used for:

  • Validating the processing of urine samples before the microscopic evaluation of urine sediment.
  • Confirmatory tests such as: K-Check, Ictotest and for βhCG screening methods.

CHROMASCOPICS Urinalysis Control is designed for use with major urinalysis analysers, including Clinitek Novus, Clinitek Advantus, Clintek Atlas, Clinitek Status, Clinitek Status Plus, Clinitek 50, Clinitek 500, Atellica UAS 800 & Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System.

CHROMASCOPICS is intended for use in traditional testing environments including reference labs, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinical lab settings.

CHROMASCOPICS Urinalysis Control is available in volumes of 4 x 120 mL or 2 x 25 mL. it is ready to use and does not require reconstitution or dilution.


“We’ve used an array of urine quality control products, but, the Quantimetrix product has been the best at outfitting our needs because of its’ simplicity, ease-of-use and accurate results. That’s important to point-of-care providers and nurses. Overall, this is an awesome product!”
Jennifer Carlson
Point of Care Supervisor

“The urine quality control materials have proven to be very reliable and consistent. I like the long out dates and the dropper bottles are convenient to use especially for our point-of-care departments. I recommend your product to everyone.”
Dean Yoshimura
Laboratory Director
Waianae Coast Comphrensive Health Center
Waianae, Hawaii

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