Quantimetrix Dropper® Urinalysis Dipstick Control

Last updated: 24th March, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Monitor the performance of visual and instrument readings of urine dipsticks by dropping the control directly onto the dipstick.

  • Easy to use dropper bottle for simple dispensing and maximum use.
  • Include values for all dipstick analytes plus microalbumin and creatinine, and qualitative results for hCG early pregnancy detection test methods.
    – Level One – Neg hCG, Level Two – Pos hCG.

  • Designed for use with most urinalysis reagent strips.
  • Can be used for confirmatory tests and refractometry.
  • Liquid, made with human urine.
  • 24-month refrigerated shelf life from date of manufacture.
  • 24-month refrigerated OVS.

Dropper Analytes

Bilirubin, Blood, Creatinine, Glucose, hCG, Ketones, Leukocytes, Microalbumin, Nitrite, pH, Protein, Specific Gravity, Urobilinogen


Dropper Ordering Information

Product Code Contents Format
QM1440-02 L1 & L2 4 X 25mL

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