Savyon Chlamydia Genus Specific ELISA kits

Last updated: 14th January, 2021

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

The SeroELISA™ Chlamydia kits are intended for the determination of IgG, IgM or IgA antibody to Chlamydia in human serum sample.


  • Based on purified L2 serovar MOMP antigen
  • Chlamydia genus-specific
  • Highly sensitive
  • Simple interpretation of results
  • Ready to use conjugate
  • Serum

Product Code

Product Description



Savyon SeroELISA Chlamydia IgG Kit

96 Tests


Savyon SeroELISA Chlamydia IgM Kit

96 Tests


Savyon SeroELISA Chlamydia IgA Kit

96 Tests


  • Superior clinical and analytical performance
  • Proprietary state of the art core biologicals – Antigens, antibodies and enzyme conjugates
  • Ready-to-use color-coded unified reagents
  • Automation compatibility with all common ELISA processors
  • Short and unified running protocols
  • Convenience – Based on break-apart 8 wells strip
  • format, equally suited for both high or low volume use
  • For quantitative or semi-quantitative assays – Built-in controls for standard curve

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