World AIDS Day – 1st December

Last updated: 02nd November, 2021

World AIDS Day is held on 1 December each year. It raises awareness across the world and in the community about HIV and AIDS.

HIV still exists in Australia. There were 833 new HIV diagnoses in Australia in 2018.1. This is the lowest number of diagnoses since 2010.

HIV can affect anyone. There is no vaccine or cure for HIV, however there are highly effective treatments. People with HIV take medications on a daily basis to maintain their HIV at an undetectable level and to keep them healthy. Today, HIV is considered a chronic but manageable condition, and people with HIV can lead long and healthy lives, with a similar life expectancy to a person who does not have HIV.

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LGC’s HIV Porfolio:

LGC’s unique portfolio of HIV isolates offers a rare collection unlikely to be found anywhere else. Their vast inventory of disease state specimens and performance panels, leaves you with abundant options to select from different purposes: research, quality assurance and assay development.

  • HIV Positive confirmed plasma: specimens from individual donors confirmed HIV positive


  • Accutype HIV Viral isolates: High-titter and purified RNA viral isolates


  • AccuVert HIV Seroconversion Panel: Serially drawn, raw patient plasma specimens collected from a donor during the development of a natural infection and subsequent immune response
  • AccuSet™ HIV Performance Panels: Raw patient plasma specimens collected from unique individuals worldwide containing HIV with complementary sets of diverse demographic information
  • AccuSpan HIV Linearity Panels: consist of serially diluted samples from high-titter recombinant, cultured or naturally occurring whole viruses that span the entire or partial analytical range of an assay for a given analyte. Panel members are calibrated against the latest WHO international standards for informational purposes and to ensure traceability.
  • AccuTrak HIV Qualification Panels: manufactured from raw patient plasma or serum with confirmed HIV reactivity in serological, molecular or genotype assays. These are well suited for troubleshooting and lot change evaluations.

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