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Last updated: 19th March, 2024

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What is City-Mix™?

The City-Mix range of proprietary media supplements are specially designed to boost cell growth and tissue production in a wide variety of culture conditions.

City-Mix is a chemically defined solution comprising of highly stable and inert, food safe ingredients that enhance the chemical activity of most components found in common culture media (e.g. albumin, growth factors, nutrients, enzymes, etc) via volume exclusion mechanisms. City-Mix is not a complete cocktail of growth factors, but works by reducing or eliminating growth factor supplementation in culture media.

Cultured meat is genuine animal meat (comprising seafood and organ meats) produced directly by cultivating animal cells. Cultured meat contains the same cell types and structure as the animal tissues from which they come, thus replicating conventional meat’s sensory and nutritional profiles.

The 2013 Mark Post revealed the first cultivated meat burger on live TV and several cultivated meat companies were founded soon after. The industry has now grown to more than 100 companies and academic laboratories worldwide, researching to establish a new technology for manufacturing commodity meat products at industrial scales.

The manufacturing of artificial meat begins by acquiring and banking immature cells from an animal. These cells are then grown in cultivators (bioreactors) simulating an animal’s body environment with an oxygen-rich cell culture medium. Elements of the medium composition, and cues from the extracellular matrix, trigger immature cell differentiation into the skeletal muscle, fat, and connective tissues characteristic of natural meat. The differentiated cells are then harvested, prepared, and packaged into final products.

3D Bio-Tissues developed a patented, non-toxic, food-safe, non-addictive, inert media containing macromolecular crowding agents (MMC) named City-Mix.

This MMC agent facilitates cellular meat production in culture, creating pockets of higher concentrations of soluble media components such as growth factors, improving the enzyme kinetics and providing the cells with a biophysical & biochemical environment like in vivo. All these factors offer significant benefits by increasing cellular proliferation rates, significantly increasing yield, reducing the need for expensive growth factors, albumin, serum, and facilitating tissue production via extracellular matrix establishment. City-Mix eliminates the need for animal serum without inhibiting cell growth.

3D Bio-Tissues has optimised City-Mix formulations across multiple cell lines, resulting in different City-Mix products mentioned below:



Product Description



The most versatile cell booster for enhanced cell and tissue growth, effective in both serum-free or serum-containing media.

Myoblasts, adipocytes, fibroblasts


Another good all-rounder, particularly effective for enhanced fat cell growth and for increased production of connective tissue.

Adipocytes, myoblasts, fibroblasts


Low-viscosity booster, and particularly effective for enhanced stem cell proliferation.



Our best supplement for enhanced extracellular matrix production.

Fibroblasts, myoblasts, adipocytes


A cell booster useful to control spontaneous cell differentiation occurring in serum-free conditions.

Myoblasts, adipocytes, stromal cells



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