Expert Tools for IHC Visualization

Last updated: 22nd March, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

It’s frustrating to check all of the variables in your failed experiment. Vector tools were developed specifically by IHC scientists to help mitigate errors in your process. Whether you want to simplify slide preparation or eliminate background staining, Vector has everything for your IHC workflow.

Simplify slide preparation:

  • VECTABOND® Tissue Section Adhesive
  • ImmEdge™ Hydrophobic Barrier Pen
  • ImmPrint™ Histology Pen

Reduce or eliminate background staining:

  • BLOXALL® Endogenous Blocking Solution (for HRP and AP)
  • Animal-Free Blocker® (Concentrate)
  • R.T.U. Animal-Free Blocker® and Diluent (AFB)

Slide preservation: 

  • VectaMount® Mounting Medium (Permanent or Aqueous)

Other tools: 

  • Antigen Unmasking Solutions
  • Control Antibodies

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