Guava® easyCyte™- Flexible, Intuitive, and Affordable Cytometers for all your research needs

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

No Sheath Fluid – Direct Sampling Using the Patented Microcapillary System

The Guava® easyCyte Flow Cytometers use novel microcapillary technology that enables a compact user-friendly format, which is powerful enough to run your most complex assays. These simple fluidics enable a self-aligning flow cell that can be removed for cleaning by the user. New, more robust lasers available in virtually any combination mean that you choose the excitation and emission channels that are a match for your lab’s experiments and budget. All of our versatile optical configurations are available with an affordable single-sample loader, or an integrated multiwell sample tray option, for trouble-free walkaway acquisition of up to 96 samples.

Guava easyCyte Instrument Features

  • Up to 3 lasers and 14 parameters on a benchtop instrument
  • Microcapillary fluidics design eliminates sheath fluid and waste carboys
  • Accurate absolute cell counts via microcapillary and positive displacement syringe pump
  • Intuitive software includes comprehensive cell-health related assays
  • Detection of particles as small as 0.2 μm
  • High-throughput option for walk-away acquisition of up to 96 samples

Abacus dx is the exclusive distributor for Guava easyCyte in New Zealand only.

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