Illuminate your multiplex/ELISA data with Belysa™ Analysis Software

Last updated: 04th November, 2020

Explore the newest proprietary software package for curve fitting, examination and comparison of data acquired from a variety of immunoassay platforms. Belysa™ has been designed to provide an easy to-use tool to optimize curve fit and confirm the integrity of data within a plate or across plates from multiple runs.

Whether it’s multiplex data, or ELISA, Belysa™ Analysis Software gives you confidence in your data. Belysa™ Analysis Software provides curve fitting capabilities with .csv output files from Luminex® xMAP® platforms, MAGPIX®, LX200 and FLEXMAP 3D® (FM3D), as well as the SMCxPRO™ ultrasensitive analyzer.

Key Features:

  • User friendly interface
  • Automatic and manual curve fitting (4pl, 5pl, linear, cubic spline)
  • Relative potency analysis for multiple compare curves
  • Curve comparison tools
  • Rules-based data flagging
  • Single and multi-analyte views
  • Suitable for use with RUO Luminex® instruments, SMCxPRO™, and ELISA .csv acquisition files

System Requirements:

  • PC with Microsoft Windows: 7 or higher
  • A free USB port on the USB
  • A Belysa™ license activation dongle

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