Introducing the SMCxPRO

Last updated: 29th May, 2018
Introducing the SMCxPRO – sensitivity you can count on!

Discovery depends on detection

When the success of your research requires finding and quantifying low-level proteins, you need equipment you can rely on to detect your target. The new SMCxPRO is a highly sensitive protein quantifier designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow and detect low-abundant proteins at the femtogram level.

This compact benchtop solution offers:

  • high senstiivity
  • rapid analysis
  • plate or bead-based
  • compact
  • ready-made to fully-customised kits

Learn more about the SMCxPRO™ technology and its uses in biomarker analysis

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For reliable and affordable protein detection, count on SMCxPRO – and quantify low-abundant proteins with rapid precision.

Click here to see the list of available SMC assays.

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Single Molecule Counting (SMC) Technology


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