Double-staining Kit Streamlines Immunofluorescence Workflow

Last updated: 22nd March, 2022

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Vector Laboratories, a leader in the development and manufacture of labeling and detection reagents for biomedical research, introduces the VectaFluor™ Duet kit, offering convenient, ready-to-use immunofluorescence double labeling.

This kit is ideal for use on a wide range of frozen and FFPE tissue samples, combining primary and secondary antibodies to significantly streamline workflow. VectaFluor Duet includes a secondary reagent to detect mouse and rat primary antibodies with green and red DyLight® fluorescent dyes and a normal blocking serum. With the kit, one protocol replaces several and reduces preparation time – in some cases by as much as a day or more.

“These two reagents are commonly used together,” explains Harjit Kullar, vice president of marketing for Maravai LifeSciences.

“Using two stains sequentially requires a tedious, time-consuming protocol and complex workflow. The VectaFluor Duet combines the double staining into one protocol, providing time and cost savings.”

In the kit, Vector Laboratories’ affinity-purified, cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies are conjugated to DyLight dyes in a process that ensures maximum labeling without compromising antibody affinity or specificity.

The red and green DyLight anti-mouse/anti-rabbit antibodies are combined into a robust, stable cocktail that yields sensitive and consistent dual staining

VectaFluor Duet Immunofluorescence Double Labeling Kit, DyLight 488 Anti-Rabbit/DyLight 594 Anti-Mouse

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