Vector VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit

Last updated: 14th November, 2023

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We are happy to announce that Vector Laboratories is launching a new product, the VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit.

The VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit is designed to remove antibodies and other non-covalently bound detection reagents from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections in immunofluorescence or tyramide signal amplification staining workflows.




VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Reagent Kit (SKU:  VRK-1000) contains two bottles:

  • VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Reagent A
  • VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Reagent B



  • Removes antibodies and other non-covalently bound reagents from FFPE tissue sections after staining
  • Preserves tissue integrity and antigenicity through at least 6 rounds of antibody removal
  • Enables up to six rounds of staining for multiplex immunofluorescence and tyramide workflows
  • Unlike competitive workflows, the VectaPlex kit is ready-to-use and does not require a damaging heating step


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