AmplideX Trio for Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening

Last updated: 26th September, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

With the AmplideX Trio, you can use one shared workflow to analyze CFTRSMN1/2, and FMR1. This saves your lab tech time, simplifies training, and reduces consumables used.

Simple & Fast Testing with Shared AmplideX Workflows

Streamlined Workflow For All Three Assays

Efficiently analyse CFTR, SMN1/2, and FMR1 using PCR & CE.

Co-Plating with Automated Analysis Software Makes Testing Easy

Batch-level QC and run metrics

Automated peak calling and annotation

Export results in PDF and LIMS-compatible formats (Excel/CSV)


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SMN1/2 and CFTR assays are research use only

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