Biocartis Idylla™ IDH1-2 Mutation Assay Kit

Last updated: 08th January, 2024

Products are for professional/laboratory use only

The Idylla IDH1-2 Mutation Assay Kit (RUO)1 can detect five mutations in the IDH1 gene and 10 mutations in the IDH2 gene, along with an integrated processing control. The turnaround time is approximately 95 minutes from sample to result. The assay performance has been evaluated at multiple sites in both the US and Europe.

  • Five mutations in IDH1 and 10 in IDH2 genes.
  • 95 minutes assay turnaround time.
  • Less than five minutes hands-on time.
  • Suitable for both FFPE or extracted DNA samples.
  • Highly sensitive and standardised.
  • Suitable for any lab.


Extracted DNA

  • 50 μl extracted DNA
  • Concentration ≥ 10 ng/μl
  • DNA should be extracted from samples with ≥ 10% neoplastic cells

Also compatible with FFPE sections without DNA extraction

  • ≥ 10% neoplastic cells


Idylla IDH1-2 Mutation Assay Kit Brochure

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Technical Sheet Idylla IDH1-2 Mutation Assay Kit

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¹ Idylla IDH1-2 Mutation Assay Kit is for Research Use Only (RUO), not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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