Devyser NIPT RHD

Last updated: 21st March, 2024


Benefit from proven, highly sensitive technology to conduct accurate non-invasive screening for fetal RHD that helps clinicians avoid untargeted and unnecessary treatment.

Devyser NIPT RHD* is a test kit used by clinical labs to determine fetal RHD status from maternal plasma as early as gestation week 10. Devyser’s unique single exon design significantly simplifies your laboratory workflow and analysis. It also enables you to increase throughput turnaround times. Diagnostic sensitivity and specificity are both ≥99.86%, as measured by correlation to the newborn’s rhesus serology.

Simplified testing with high sensitivity

A single exon analysis (exon 4) allows non-invasive detection of fetal RHD status from gestation week 10. The assay design simplifies laboratory work, automation and analysis.

Quick start and cost control

All required PCR reagents are included in Devyser’s kit. You can get started immediately and have complete control of your costs.

“The single-exon design results in high sensitivity and simple response algorithms.”

Dr. Agneta Wikman, M.D. Associate Professor Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm

Key features and benefits of Devyser RHD

  • Testing from gestation week 10
  • Sensitive and specific RHD determination
  • Single exon design
  • Easy to automate
  • Use of maternal plasma
  • Stratify your patients very early
  • Treat only the RHD-negative mothers at risk
  • Run fewer reactions per sample
  • Reduce risk with streamlined workflow
  • Non-invasive test

A study by the Karolinska Institutet found that Devyser NIPT RHD has a high clinical relevance that is proven from routine usage over the course of ten years.

Read more about the study here >

*Check regulatory status in your country.


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