FlexISH ® BCL2/BCL6 DistinguISH™ Probe*

Last updated: 22nd June, 2022

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BCL2 encodes for a mitochondrial membrane protein that regulates apoptosis and is expressed in B-cells. BCL6 encodes for a protein that acts as a transcriptional repressor involved in the regulation of lymphoid development and function. BCL2 and BCL6 rearrangements are frequently found in various Non-Hodgkin lymphomas and known to be concurrent with MYC rearrangements. MYC rearrangements with either BCL2 or BCL6 co-aberration are so-called double-hit B-cell lymphomas (DHL) known to be highly aggressive with poor prognosis. Rarely, triple-hit B-cell lymphomas (THL) showing simultaneous rearrangements of MYC, BCL2 and BCL6 occur.

According to the revised 4th edition of the WHO classification of tumours of haematopoietic and lymphoid tissues (2017) DHL and THL are classified as high-grade B-cell lymphoma with MYC and BCL2 and/or BCL6 rearrangements. Detection of BCL2 and/or BCL6 rearrangements using FISH may be of diagnostic and prognostic relevance.

The FlexISH ® BCL2/BCL6 DistinguISH™ Probe is designed to detect rearrangements involving the chromosomal regions 18q21.33 and 3q27.3 harboring the BCL2 (B-Cell CLL/Lymphoma 2, a.k.a. PPP1R50) gene and the BCL6 (B-Cell CLL/ Lymphoma 6, a.k.a. ZNF51, LAZ3) gene, respectively. Using this probe, it is possible to simultaneously detect BCL2 and/or BCL6 rearrangements commonly found DHL or THL.












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ZytoVision FlexISH® gives flexibility to choose between a 1 day (2 hour hybridisation) or a 2 day (overnight hybridisation) protocol by adapting the hybridisation time according to the laboratory’s needs.

Advantages of FlexISH®

  • Hybridisation time can be varied between 2 hours and overnight
  • Hybridisation temperature of 37°C which is fully compatible with routine workflows
  • Short hybridisation time does not negatively affect the performance, specimen quality or diagnostic result

FlexISH® Kit – Convenient Solution

All FlexISH® probes can be combined with the FlexISH® Tissue Implementation Kit to obtain reliable results within 4.5 hours. The FlexISH® protocol can also be incorporated into the routine workflow with overnight hybridisation providing the highest flexibility.

*Available as Research Use Only in Australia. Please check registration status in your country.

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