Maximise your blood separation!

Last updated: 21st March, 2024


Premium blood separator with motor-driven plates, touch screen and integrated bar code scanner.

Lmb has been present in blood banks for 40 years, where they strive to set the highest quality in the development, manufacturing, and solutions from donation to processing blood components.

Their Product LUXOmatic V2 blood separator allows for maximal yield of blood products and is an excellent solution for all blood product standardisation.

  • Two separation instruments in one unit reduces footprint
  • Flexibility in usage of any blood bags
  • Integrated features in brilliant design for workflow optimisation

Lmb’s LUXOmatic V2 blood separator is a space saver and adaptable system for individual applications

Maximal blood products yields, reduced risks 

  • RBC low homolyses, big recovery of haemoglobin in all applications
  • Plasma, Platelets separated in leading quality level
  • Designed to meet low-volume Buffy coats in a highest Platelets recovery
  • Excellent solution for all blood products standardisation

The most impressive time saved 

  • Top/Top bags Plasma removal in 50sec with great QC results
  • Top/Bottom bags in 1.5-3min
  • Integrated features in brilliant design for workflow optimisation

Innovative concept

  • Two separation places in one housing
  • The most efficient space saving
  • Great economic and ergonomic form

Innovative advanced and smart technology

  • Flexibility in usage of any blood bags
  • Automatic cannula breaker technology
  • Wi-Fi and LAN connection with secured data transfer
  • Powerful remote diagnostics and support system

Premium Blood Separator

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