Remember to use the “Streck Tube”, the most trusted preanalytical solution for cell free DNA

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

For all liquid biopsies, remember to use the “Streck Tube”, the No.1 tube worldwide for stabilisation of cell free DNA.

Cell-Free DNA BCT is a blood collection tube with a preservative stabilising nucleated blood cells and preventing the release of gDNA, allowing isolation of high-quality cell-free DNA.

Abacus dx distributes Streck products in Australia only.

Benefits of the “Streck Tube” include:

  • High quality cell-free DNA recovery for reduced variability associated with cell-free DNA sample preparation
  • Reduced need for immediate plasma preparation and CTC processing
  • Multiple applications – suitable for use in clinical research studies, drug discovery and diagnostic assay development
  • Confidence in stability and a trusted solution– with over 17 million tubes shipped worldwide
  • No need to centrifuge immediately after collection

From blood collection to analysis, Streck cell free DNA tubes allow for ease of workflow to produce high quality DNA for analysis.

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