Phadia EliA™ dsDNA Ab fully automated assay

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

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EliA™ dsDNA is designed to provide excellent clinical performance in the diagnosis and monitoring of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).

EliA™  dsDNA focuses more on the medium-to-high avidity population of antibodies, which are clinically more specific to SLE. As a consequence, the clinical relevance of the EliA dsDNA test result is higher.

The Phadia system uses a combination of high ionic strength buffers, stringent washing conditions and incubations at 37°C to minimise the inclusion of low avidity antibodies.

The antigen Phadia use in the EliA dsDNA assay is pure, circular recombinant double-stranded DNA (a bacterial plasmid), which guarantees that the antigen is free of histones and free of single-stranded regions, so that false positive results are avoided.

The high specificity of the EliA dsDNA Ab assay means that the test is able to differentiate true SLE patients from patients suffering from disorders including other connective tissue diseases, infectious diseases or disorders presenting in a similar manner to SLE.

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Phadia Automation

The Phadia range of instruments offer automated, random access, continuous loading testing of antibodies to dsDNA, other clinically relevant autoantibodies, and allergy related antibodies.

The EliA dsDNA assay can be easily added to the current instrument IgG calibration curve and use common conjugate and reagents already in use on the instrument. The only added reagent needed to run EliA dsDNA is the wells and control (if not already in use). This leads to cost savings and a turnaround time improvement.

By using a broad measuring range (0.5IU/mL to 400IU/mL), EliA dsDNA minimises out-of-range results and the need to repeat samples.

EliA™ dsDNA in the ANZ market

EliA dsDNA has become a widely accepted alternative to the FARR assay worldwide and in Australia particularly. Clinically, the EliA dsDNA test fits well into the SLE profiles and is also very useful in monitoring patients because results correlate well with clinical activity.

In the UK NEQAS and RCPA QAP survey a significant number of participants report using EliAfor dsDNA.

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