EliA dsDNA Ab automated assay exclusively available from Abacus ALS

Last updated: 16th January, 2017

EliA™ dsDNA is designed to provide excellent clinical performance in the diagnosis and monitoring of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).

High clinical relevance

  • high clinical value supports the guidance in a diagnosis
  • optimised for preferential detection of clinically relevant, high avidity antibodies
  • high specificity avoids inappropriate follow-up
  • standardisation and precision mean reliable monitoring
  • correlates well to disease activity – especially lupus nephritis

High technical performance

  • low variances and high reproducibility provides for consistent results
  • high lot-to-lot consistency due to validated production procedures
  • quantitative results expressed in International Units per ml
  • calibrated against WHO reference standard Wo/80

State-of-the-art antigen production

  • circular, recombinant double-stranded plasmid DNA
  • no contaminating ssDNA

The Phadia automated solution

  • screening and individual specificity testing available in one run
  • choice of Phadia instruments available for low to high throughput
  • one stored standard curve to be used with all IgG analytes
  • urgent samples can be run cost-efficiently
  • easy handling with intuitive software
  • serum as well as plasma can be used
  • automated sample dilution

EliA dsDNA has become a widely accepted alternative to the FARR assay worldwide and in more recent years a growing number of labs have moved to this method in Australia and New Zealand.

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