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Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

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Abacus dx is happy to announce the launch of the new EliA SymphonyS test.

The EliA SymphonyS (S stands for “Sensitive”) is designed for high clinical accuracy to assist in the diagnosis for connective tissue disease (CTD) and to differentiate between CTD and non-CTD patients.

The benefits of the newly improved EliA SymphonyS include:

  • Use of new recombinant antigens and coating methods to improve detection of autoantibodies including U1RNP (RNP70, A, C), SS-A/Ro (60 kDa, 52 kDa), SS-B/La, Centromere B, Scl-70, Jo-1, synthetic SmD3 peptide (see Table 2 in attached brochure)
  • Enhanced antigen presentation resulting in improved accessibility of epitopes and therefore higher sensitivity and specificity compared to the current EliA Symphony
  • Use of IgG Calibrators standardised against WHO International Reference Preparation (IRP) 67/86.3.



Art. No.

Package Size

EliA SymphonyS Well


4 carriers (64 Wells)


The new EliA SymphonyS is now available from Abacus dx

  • EliA SymphonyS (PU14567101) will replace the current EliA Symphony test (PU14550801)
  • For evaluation purposes the current EliA Symphony test will be available in parallel for a period of 18 months, i.e. June 2019.

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