Optimised stool extraction procedure for EliA™ Stool Extraction Kits

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Thermo Fisher have recently launched an optimised stool extraction procedure for the use with the EliA Calprotectin portfolio:  EliA Stool Extraction Kit or EliA Stool Extraction Kit 2 products.

Optimised for Efficiency – The EliA™ Stool Extraction Kit tube can now be Centrifuged

This new way of extracting stool samples, for measurement with the EliA Calprotectin / EliA Calprotectin 2 test, will overall enhance the preanalytical routine and help to further increase efficiency in laboratory testing for calprotectin.

Features of the Optimised Stool Extraction Procedure

  • Centrifugation of the EliA Stool Extraction Kit and the EliA Stool Extraction Kit 2 tubes
  • Omission of the first decant step after homogenising the stool sample
  • Improved workflow and efficiency by reducing the number of steps in extraction process
  • Cost savings due to reduced number of fresh tubes required
  • Improved security and traceability due to fewer labelling steps.

The new stool extraction process does not make the existing process redundant. Laboratories can either continue extracting stool samples following the established instructions from previous directions for use (DFU) or implement the optimised procedure as described in the new* DFUs.

*EliA Calprotectin DFU version 22, EliA Calprotectin 2 DFU version 23


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View Optimised Stool Extraction Procedure - Calprotectin 2

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