A simple and rapid test for detecting Strep A

Last updated: 15th September, 2021

Products are for professional/laboratory use only. QuikRead go Strep A from Aidian is a simple and rapid test for detecting Strep A (Streptococcus pyogenes), a causative agent of bacterial pharyngitis in throat samples.

When a patient presents with a sore throat (acute pharyngitis), it can be difficult to differentiate, based on visual inspection only, whether the infection is caused by Strep A or by viruses.

QuikRead go Strep A is an easy to use and fast diagnostic test which reliably detects Strep A from a throat swab sample.

The test result – positive or negative – is displayed on the instrument allowing for quick identification of patients who need treatment with antibiotics.

QuikRead go Strep A provides the point of care test setting with:

  • Fast and objective results
  • Clear positive and negative samples in less than two minutes, all results in less than four minutes measurement time
  • Flexibility
  • Performing the test and recording the results are easily adapted to user workflow
  • Traceable results
  • Results are automatically stored in the instrument’s memory
  • Connectable to LIS


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