Aidian QuikRead go wrCRP & wrCRP+Hb now available

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Abacus dx is pleased to update you on the release of the Aidian wrCRP & wrCRP+Hb kit kit.

The QuikRead go wrCRP is a wide-range point-of-care CRP test, which gives reliable and quantitative test result within two minutes. The QuickRead go wrCRP+Hb gives reliably two results, the wide range CRP and the Hb, from one sample with one analysis.

The wide range CRP test allows the extension of CRP values from conventional use to testing e.g neonatal sepsis1 as well as to predict disease severity in COPD2 and aid in cardiovascular risk assessment3
Room temperature storage for unopened kit and small sample volume ease the everyday work of healthcare professionals. 
The QuikRead go is a compact, fully-automated instrument which is used for quantitative and qualitative measurements together with QuikRead go reagent kits. The QuikRead go system consists of the instrument and ready-to-use kits and is specially designed for use in laboratories where routine CRP methods are not available, such as remote laboratories.

Feature of the QuickRead go wrCrp & wrCRP+Hb kit:

  • Whole blood Hb measuring range: 50 – 220 g/l

Features of the QuikRead go system include:

  • Room temperature storage for ease of storage and immediate use
  • Wide CRP measuring range allows for CRP determination in a wide range of indications
  • Whole blood measuring range: 0.5-200 mg/l
  • Serum or plasma measuring range 0.5-120mg/l
  • Small sample volume allows for easy and fast collection and improved convenience for the patient

1.  Hengst JM: The role of C-reactive protein in the evaluation and management of infants with suspected sepsis. Adv Neonatal Care 2003; 3:3-13.
2.  Mendy A, Forno E, Niyonsenga T, Gasana J. Clin Respir J. 2017. Blood biomarkers as predictors of long-term mortality in COPD. Https://
3.  Kaptoge, S, Di Angelantonio E, Lowe G, Pepys MB, Thompson SG, Collins R, Danesh J. C-reactive protein concentration and risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and mortality: an individual participant meta-analysis. Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration. 2010 Lancet 375(9709): 132-40.

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