Aidian QuikRead go easy CRP

Last updated: 12th November, 2020

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

The QuikRead go easy CRP is an easy to use and reliable point-of-care test, which gives quantitative CRP test results within 2 minutes.

The unique one-step Sample Collector used with the QuikRead go easy CRP minimizes hands-on steps and enables fast and easy CRP testing.

Unique one-step Sample Collector

  • Fast and easy sample collection improves workflow
  • Convenient for the patient

Room temperature storage up to +25 °C

  • Easy to store in the health care unit
  • Enables immediate use, no need to warm up the reagents

Reliable CRP results in minutes

  • CRP measuring range from whole blood  is 1−200 mg/l and 1−120 mg/l with serum or plasma samples

QuikRead go multianalyte point-of-care system

  • Portable and fully automatic point-of-care system
  • Bi-directional connectivity to most HIS and LIS systems

Reducing antibiotic prescription rates

  • Using Quikread go CRP test in GP clinics and ECU departments has been proven to lower antibiotic prescription rates by up to 17% through differentiation between viral and bacterial infections

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