Nikon Eclipse Ci-L Plus Upright Microscope

Last updated: 07th November, 2023

The Nikon Eclipse Ci-L Plus is a biological microscope designed with a focus on ease of use and people’s health and working styles.

With greater comfort and usability, the Ci series brings revolutionary changes to microscopy observation.

The Eclipse Ci-L plus Upright Microscope combines superior functionality with operational ease. Designed to ensure natural posture while viewing images, with attention toward eliminating neck, shoulder and back strain.

  • 6 x objective lens options maximising all your magnification needs
  • Light Intensity Management – developed by Nikon to help minimise eye strain
  • The eco-friendly LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement
  • ECO Mode – Energy saving function when there is no operation for a certain period of time
  • Sleep Mode – State of standby with low power consumption


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