The latest Analyte Quarterly update is here!

Last updated: 06th January, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only. With a comprehensive list of new Single Molecule Counting (SMC™), ELISA and SARS-CoV-2 kits, along with new instruments and xMAP® INTELLIFLEX Calibration and verification kits for RUO.



The NEW update includes Single Molecule Counting (SMC™), MILLIPLEX®, and ELISA Kits, and reagents






MILLIPLEX® Panels    
MILLIPLEX® Immuno-Oncology Checkpoint Protein Panel 1 Mouse MCKP1-110K


SMC™ Kits    
SMC™ Total Tau High Sensitivity Immunoassay Kit Human 03-0185-00
SMC™ NGFβ High Sensitivity Immunoassay Kit (MTO*) Human 03-0200-00
SMC™ GFAP High Sensitivity Immunoassay Kit Human 03-0203-00
SMC™ IgM High Sensitivity Immunoassay Kit Human 03-0204-00


Conferma™ ELISA Kits    
IL-6 Conferma™ ELISA Human EZIL6-98K
IL-8 Conferma™ ELISA Human EZHIL8-100K
MCP-1 Conferma™ ELISA   Human EZMCP1-99KRM


Anti-RBD IgG Human ELISA Human EZRBDG-110K
Anti-RBD IgM Human ELISA Human EZRBDM-120K
Anti-S1 IgG Human ELISA Human EZS1G-130K
Anti-S1 IgM Human ELISA Human EZS1M-140K

Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic procedures.

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