Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

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At Streck, they test the testers. Every day. To ensure the accuracy of results on a diverse range of instruments and validate the reputations of laboratories, hospitals and clinicians all over the world.

Streck: UA-Cellular for IQ:

UA-Cellular™ for IQ is the only assayed cellular urine control product on the market for the Iris iQ® analyser.  Assayed RBC’s and WBC’s enable the accuracy and precision of the Iris iQ® analyser to be determined.

UA-Cellular™ for IQ contains components at two clinically significant levels providing thorough evaluation of the instrument’s ability to both identify and quantify white blood cells, red blood cells, non-squamous epithelial cells and crystals.

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Streck: UA-Cellular Complete:

UA-Cellular Complete is a comprehensive combined chemistry and micro urinalysis control designed specifically for the Siemens CLINITEK Atlas®/Sysmex® UF-1000i™ and the Arkray AUTION HYBRID™ AU-4050 integrated urinalysis systems. It is designed to align six stabilized urine particle types (RBC, WBC, cast, crystals, bacteria and epithelial) with the common urine chemistry analytes found in a patient sample.

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