Abacus ALS acquired by Diploma PLC

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

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In recent times the shareholders of Abacus ALS have been exploring options to transition away from the current shareholding of the business. We are pleased to announce that Diploma PLC has acquired Abacus ALS, and the company will be included in the Diploma Healthcare Group.

Diploma PLC is an international group of businesses supplying specialised technical products and services. The company is listed on the London stock exchange and operates in three distinct sectors:

Life Sciences:  Suppliers of consumables, instrumentation and related services to the healthcare and environmental industries.  This includes medical, surgical and IVD products.

Seals:  Suppliers of seals, gaskets, filters, cylinders, components and kits for heavy mobile machinery and industrial equipment.

Controls:  Suppliers of specialised wiring, connectors, fasteners, and control devices for technically demanding applications.

The business model of Diploma PLC is to buy value-add distribution businesses such as Abacus ALS around the world and grow by leveraging the capabilities of the acquired business.

This means that Abacus ALS will remain a legal entity, fully intact and will continue to operate under our current management and operational structure with logistical operations remaining based in Brisbane and Auckland. Our business to business arrangements will continue to be managed and operated as they are currently.

The opportunities that this change provides are to strengthen our position in the market, enhance our service capabilities and sustained growth into the future. 

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