Cell Marque ARID1A (EP303)

Last updated: 18th March, 2024

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ARID1A is expressed in most normal tissue, and mutations occur in tumours resulting in a loss of expression. ARID1A mutations have been particularly relevant in GI and gynaecological malignancies.

In GI tumour pathology, ARID1A loss may be linked to a specific subset of sporadic microsatellite unstable colon cancers that may be medullary phenotype, but is more likely to present with metastatic disease, warranting further investigation with correlation of the MMR panel (MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2).1

In gynaecological pathology, ARID1A has been found in literature to aid in determining the site of origin of ovarian primary tumours in serous effusions2 and can determine malignancy of endometrial carcinoma in peritoneal washings.3

Benefits of Cell Marque™ ARID1A (EP303)

  • For in vitro diagnostic use.
  • Helps determine site of ovarian origin in serous cytology.
  • Helps determine eligibility for targeted therapy in ovarian clear cell carcinomas.
  • Optimal clone with highest concordance of mutation and protein expression.4
  • Rabbit monoclonal technology.
  • Compatible with multiple automated platforms.

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