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Last updated: 22nd June, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

HistoCyte Laboratories specialised HER2 control has a full dynamic range of expressions. Enhanced from their multi-purpose breast analyte control to now include a 2+ cell line, this is specifically aimed at those wanting the most reliable, sensitive and accurate control there is for HER2.

Laboratories often struggle for HER2 2+ and sometimes HER2 1+ tissues. Additionally, biomarker expression can vary throughout tissue, often due to a number of factors including, but not limited to:

• Fixation
• Processing artefact
• Heterogeneity of the protein

This means that the tissue selected as a control, can vary to the point that it makes its use as a control redundant.

HistoCyte Laboratories cell lines are compact and typically “tissue-like”. In particular the breast ductal carcinoma cells often create “pseudo-acini” producing a more tissue like appearance. The morphology of our cells means that they can tell you more about how they have been treated. It is quite obvious when the morphology is disrupted. Other cell line preparations available in the market, while adequately performing by IHC or FISH, are often sparse and the cellular integrity or morphology is generally poor.

HistoCyte Laboratories cell lines are standardised so they are developed and manufactured to provide consistent results throughout the block. This is what differentiates them from tissue controls.

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