Fa-Tech VEGA and NOVA laser cassette printers with even more flexibility

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Fa-Tech VEGA – new options

Fa-Tech VEGA laser cassette printer (with 6 hoppers) now comes with the optional Sorter and DUO automated cassette collection device. The Sorter and DUO can be easily integrated to existing VEGA printers .

  • The Sorter is positioned at the base of the VEGA and does not require any extra bench space
  •  Up to 25 cassettes can be pre-printed and sequentially released in the collector
  • For urgent needs, cassettes can be prioritised over the printing queue
  • Fa-Tech VEGA Sorter is the perfect solution designed for labs working in batch mode
  • The DUO comprises two trays which can be used with one or two trays setup – one tray can be removed and the cassettes will be delivered only in one direction of your choosing
  • Up to 18 cassettes can be pre-printed and sequentially released in the trays
  • Each tray can be shared between scientists making the DUO the perfect solution to share between two grossing stations
  • The Fa-Tech VEGA DUO is designed for labs working both in a batch and on-demand mode

Fa-Tech NOVA – Added hoppers

The NOVA now comes with three additional hoppers, allowing the user to easily swap between different cassette colours.

  • Fa-Tech NOVA is a small and easy to use laser cassette printer that will fit into any workbench in your lab
  • It provides convenient cassette printing with speed of five seconds per cassette

Click below to read on Trung Nguyen (Scientist in-charge) of the Anatomical Pathology at Cabrini Health share his feedback and his experience in using the NOVA cassette printer

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Benefits of Fa-Tech laser cassette printers

  • Fast on-demand/batch indelible high density 600dpi laser printing
  • High productivity (10-12 cassettes per minute including four text fields and datamatrix)
  • No ribbons, No ink
  • Fast barcode identification (regardless of cassette colour)
  • Quiet laser printing
  • Wide range of colours available
  • One hopper can hold up to 60 cassettes with the optional 80 cassette hopper size
  • Connectivity USS/Ethernet/Serial and ability to integrate with LIS

Example of high resolution data matrix laser printing (up to 100 data matrix points)  on VEGA and NOVA cartridges


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