FA-Tech VEGA – Laser Cassette Marker

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022
Products are for professional/laboratory use only.
The Vega Laser Cassette Marker offers permanent indelible marking of tissue cassettes with text, linear barcodes, and two-dimensional barcodes.

Specifically suited for laboratories that require a reliable solution to mark, identify and track cassettes, as part of a barcode-based workflow management system, this technology assures that cassettes are permanently marked and positively identified for their life, from grossing through to archiving. The FA-Tech brand utilizes a unique chemical phase change technology to produce permanent, high-resolution human readable and barcode identifiable images that remain indelible throughout the life of the cassette.
VEGA Features:
  • Unique Phase Change Technology Permanently Marks Cassette Surfaces
    Cassettes are printed using an innovative low-powered YAG laser, which activates a chemical compound embedded in the cassette plastic to create a permanent and indelible marking. Text and barcode images are high resolution (600dpi) and extremely durable; able to withstand the harshest reagents and solvents without fading or other damage.
  • Small Footprint, Fast Print Speed, High Resolution
    The compact VEGA prints cassettes at a rate of one every 5 seconds, for quick printing of linear and two-dimensional barcodes that will increase workflow productivity, whether using batch or distributed methods of output. FA-Tech two dimension barcode can contain up to 100 alphanumeric characters.
  • Six Cassette Magazines
    A six-magazines indexing table that can carry up to six different cassette-colors simultaneously, makes this unit a fully automated solution for the mid/large sized laboratory.
  • Full LIS/LIMS System Integration
    Data is sent from your LIS/LIMS through the cassette printer software. Cassette formats must be designed and edited within the software. The software supports linear and two-dimensional barcode and True Type fonts.
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
    Operational expenses on consumable will be reduced, as the printing occurs internally, eliminating the need for ink cartridges, ribbon, and UV fixing lights.
Product Specifications:
Dimensions LxDxH 240 x 520 x 520 cm
Characters Alphanumeric, linear and two-dimensions barcode, ASCII codes
Voltage 110-240V 50/60Hz, 3A
Network Connections LAN, USB, Ethernet
Laser Type YAG 2,0 Watts
No. of Magazines 6
Electrical Conformity IEC 61010-1:2001 /EN 61010-1
IEC 61010-2-101:2002/EN 6100-2-101:202
CAN/CSA C22.2 No.61010-1 GI+1 (2nd Ed. R2009)
UL 61010-1 (2nd Ed, R10.08)

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