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Last updated: 08th February, 2023

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Helicobacter pylori colonisation is a chronic condition without specific therapy, but often asymptomatic in most people. Infection with H. pylori is responsible for the majority of duodenal and gastric ulcers and have been associated with increased risk of developing mucosa-associate lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma, atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer.

Over the years, immunohistochemistry has proven to be the gold standard for H. pylori testing compared to special stains. For more than a decade, the polyclonal version of H. pylori has been found to be the preferred version over its monoclonal counterpart. It is the higher sensitivity of the polyclonal that has shown to be so advantageous in IHC testing.

Polyclonal H. pylori from Cell Marque has been cited in multiple publications for detecting Helicobacter (both heilmannii 1 and pylori 2) immunohistochemically throughout the digestive tract in humans as well as other animal species. This combination of sensitivity, cleanliness, and cost efficiency has made Cell Marque’s polyclonal H. pylori the dependable choice for H. pylori testing!

Why Cell Marque’s polyclonal is more reliable:

  • IVD designation
  • Available in 25 ml volume
  • High titre concentrate
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Detects Helicobacter heilmannii 1
  • Detects coccoid form of H. pylori 2
  • Compatible with multiple automated platforms
  • Economical IHC option

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