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Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

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An optimal frozen section begins with an evenly and completely frozen tissue block in which the block face to be sectioned is flat and includes a complete, full faced section of the tissue submitted. This section should be free of ice crystal artefacts, knife lines, or tears.

Cryoembedding of delicate tissues – small fragments/Mohs surgeryMilestone PrestoCHILL

In the practice of frozen section pathology, pathologists are often faced with the task of embedding tissues that are extremely delicate because of the nature of the consistence and structure of the tissue. This situation is a daily occurrence in Mohs surgery, where the technologist is faced with delicate slivers of skin with the goal of embedding this tissue precisely and completely visualizing the epidermis and margin. The PrestoCHILL paper embedding technique offers a safe and rapid solution to these problems.

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Frozen sections are commonly only stained while formalin fixed, paraffin embedded sections are first processed (fixation + dehydration + clearing) and subsequently stained.

Milestone PRESTOPRESTO PRO is an innovative benchtop processor/stainer for high quality frozen sections. It features a standardized approach to first processing (fixation + dehydration + clearing) the slide, with FineFIX (a Milestone proprietary solution) followed by fully automated staining protocols in only 4 minutes.

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Milestone PRESTO PRO Processor Stainer for High Quality Frozen Sections

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Milestone PrestoCHILL The Science of Cryoembedding

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Milestone PRESTO Systems The Science for Rapid High Quality Frozen Sections

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