Spotlight on: ERG (EP1111)

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

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Thythroblast transformation specific related gene, also known as ERG, is a transcription factor associated with endothelial differentiation as well as prostate malignancy. Studies have shown that anti-ERG compares favorably to CD31 and CD34 antibodies in terms of sensitivity and specificity in the identification of angiosarcoma and hepatic angiosarcoma1-2, and hemangioendotheliomas2. In epithelial tumors, ERG immunostaining shows very high specificity (99%) for prostate carcinoma3.

Benefits of ERG:

    • In vitro diagnostic
    • Nuclear visualization
    • ERG protein expression is more specific than AMACR (P504s) staining for prostate carcinoma.3
    • ERG transcription factor is a preferred option to the cytoplasmic CD31 and CD34 for labeling both hemangiomas and lymphangiomas.5
    • The Kim et al paper concludes that “the present study demonstrated a superiority with ERG immunostaining and indicated that ERG is a promising panendothelial marker that might help pathologists increase LVI detection and decrease interobserver variability in LVI diagnosis”.4
    • ERG has the sensitivity of a rabbit antibody with the specificity and cleanliness of a monoclonal antibody for a strong signal to noise ratio.


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cells * Note in the background, endothelial cells are stained positive as internal positive control.

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