OriGen: Cryopreservation Bags

Last updated: 01st September, 2023

Abacus dx offers a range of products from OriGen Biomedical for your cryopreservation and cell culture requirements.

OriGen: Cryostore Bags:
The OriGen CryoStore™ bag is a safe economical way to preserve blood components when cryopreservation is indicated. The CryoStore™ freezing bag has been FDA cleared for the freezing of blood components in liquid nitrogen. The CryoStore™ bags are designed to fit into commonly used freezing cassettes and are a drop-in replacement for many existing freezing bags. They are ideally suited for cord blood storage, cryogenic blood banking and cryopreservation of all blood components. Also available as a multi-chamber bag. View Flyer >

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OriGen: PermaLife Cell Culture Bags:
The OriGen PermaLife™ cell culture bags are an optimal way to harvest, expand, concentrate and freeze cell cultures. PermaLife™ bags are made of inert FEP and contain no plasticisers or chemical residuals which could leach into and alter delicate cell cultures.  Antibodies, cytokines and other genetic material are unaffected by the FEP in the PermaLife™ bag.

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OriGen: Tissue Vault Freezing Bags:
The Origen Tissue Vault is used for freezing solid tissues and specimens at any temperature, including direct immersion in Liquid Nitrogen.

The Tissue Vault is made from EVO, a proprietary co-polymer which is well-suited for long-term storage in Liquid Nitrogen (up to -196°C).

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OriGen: O-Wrap Overwrap Bags:
The OriGen O-Wrap™ Overwrap Bag is a safe and economical way to protect other bags used for cryopreservation. The O-Wrap™ bag combines tough, low-temperature durability with excellent clarity, flexibility, and is impact and puncture resistant.

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