HistoCyte ER and PR Dynamic Range Analyte Controls

Last updated: 28th April, 2023

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Many labs struggle for low and intermediate controls for their ER and PR testing, particularly for the volumes they require when same slide controls are used. Save your precious tissue controls for EQA, validation and trouble shooting. More over, save time searching for materials that get rapidly cut through.
Estrogen Receptor ControlDR

HistoCyte ER Dynamic Range Analyte Control contains four cores, offering a full range of expression for ER: Negative, Low, Medium, High.

Estrogen receptor has long been a target for treatment in breast cancer, with the greatest impact occurring with the introduction of Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is a selective ER modulator (SERM) as it binds to ER causing dimerization yet does not induce the same recruitment of co-activators as the estrogens do. Newer therapies such as the aromatase inhibitors (AI) have demonstrated a greater effectiveness in both the adjuvant and metastatic setting.

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Progesterone Receptor ControlDR
HistoCyte PR Dynamic Range Analyte Control contains four cores, offering a range of expression for PR: Negative, Low/Intermediate, Intermediate/High, High.
HistoCyte complete their Dynamic Range of breast markers with the Progesterone Receptor Analyte ControlDR. This product contains four cores, offering a range of expression for PR: negative, low/intermediate, intermediate/high, and high.

The low/intermediate (cell line B) and intermediate/high (cell line C) provide a suitable array of cells with varying expression that easily demonstrate whether the assay is running at a suitable sensitivity in your laboratory. Reproducible, robust and cost effective, these are another great addition to the quality control of IHC.

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