Ten good reasons to choose a KOS

Last updated: 04th February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

The Milestone KOS is a state-of-the-art multifunctional microwave tissue processor.  Read below to find out ten good reasons to choose a KOS.

1.  It’s not a modified kitchen appliance

The KOS is an industrial engineered, laboratory grade, microwave unit designed specifically for the anatomical pathology lab and the following histology applications:

  • Bone Decalcification
    Milestone KOS

         Milestone KOS

  • Special Stains
  • Antigen Retrieval
  • Fixation
  • Gross Hardening
  • Tissue Processing
  • Electron Microscopy model available

2.  Easy-to-use

The KOS is icons driven and the user interface allows you to access information quickly. It only requires basic user maintenance.

3.  Optimized protocols

The KOS comes with factory stored protocols for tissue processing, decalcification, fixation, gross hardening, special stains and EM.  User’s defined protocols can be created and stored. A “Favorites” menu enables the user to run them easily.

4.  Fully compliant

Milestone have always been concerned with safety and quality. All laboratory grade microwaves are fully compliant with CAP-C.L.S.I. Guidelines.

5.  Full Tech support

With over 70 years of combined histology experience, Milestone’s applications support professionals have the answer to your questions.

6.  Specimen safety

Focused infrared automatic temperature control with laser positioning ensures your specimens are safe. The software controls the magnetic stirring for an homogeneous temperature distribution. A built-in re-generable charcoal filter placed on the exhaust outlet provides user safety.

7.  Lab safety

The full operation of the system is controlled by sensors. These built-in sensors will switch off microwave if:

  • Cavity ventilation is compromised
  • Solvent & Humidity in cavity is above threshold
  • Microwave leak is detected

8.  Full documentation

Through a USB port, data from the built-in Logbook is easily downloaded for documentation Purposes (Q.A. – ISO 9001 – G.L.P.)

9.  TV monitoring

A in-built TV screen allows for easy observation of the process in the cavity.

10.  Unique histomodule technology

The KOS modules are built for easy, safe handling of solutions while preserving the pH of the solution throughout the procedure.

Bone Decalcification with the KOS - a users perspective

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