Newly published poster about Digital Pathology

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

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Abacus dx is proud to share with you a newly published poster about Digital Pathology.

This poster, presented in Helsinki last month, describes a Telepathology Network in Luxemburg established with the aim of shortening the delays in reporting diagnosis of intraoperative Frozen Sections.

It is a comprehensive example of how the Milestone Digital Grossing (WorkSTATION bx with MacroPATH pro-x) and high-quality frozen section (with PrestoCHILL) can be used for building up a modern and efficient service for helping patients and Surgeons by:

  1.  Reducing turn-around time in frozen section reporting
  2.  Improving communications on macroscopic assessment, thus allowing the surgeons / operators to indicate the areas of interests (LIVE mode)
  3. Optimising the frozen sections due to immediate freezing and therefore minimising the drying effect due to long transportation


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