Introducing Milestone WorkSTATION pro-x & eGROSS pro-x

Last updated: 09th February, 2021

eGROSS pro-x – Ergonomic, mobile grossing work centre

This all-in-one grossing workstation has been specifically designed to integrate state of the art tools and standardization into a 21st century system for gross tissue dissection. It features enhanced process documentation, safety, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The eGROSS pro-x is the first to incorporate the digital power of specimen identification and dissection documentation, creating a standardized, image documenting, protocol. It can create a chain of custody that assures quality at the source of tissue selection and cassette generation from gross room throughout histology to the pathologist’s desk.

The eGROSS pro-x captures digital documentation enabling innovative laboratories to pursue not only high quality but also work simplification and standardization in pursuit of the “virtual” and dictation-less lean laboratory operation.

In the eGROSS pro-x, every single technical detail has been studied and designed to obtain the best performance. The main focus has been the exhaust system which is essential to create the necessary air flow in the vented secure area to guarantee full protection for the operators.

The eGROSS pro-x working height is easily adjustable to accommodate standing or sitting. The unit can be positioned from its lowest setting of 90 cm (38.6”) to the highest at 120 cm (47.2”), and anywhere in between.

Whenever the digital imaging features are not required, the eGROSS pro-x is available without the MacroPATH pro-x.

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WorkSTATION pro-x – An innovative, ergonomic centre for macro digital documentation of small biopsies

In today’s laboratory approximately 40-60% and in some instances up to 95% of specimens are endoscopic biopsies (prostate, gastro-intestinal).  Handling of these small specimens (3-20mm) takes place in large, bulky grossing stations designed for very large surgical samples.

The WorkSTATION pro-x has been developed to fill this technology gap and to document this manual step for patient safety and QA purposes.  It dramatically reduces specimen turnaround time at the grossing station compared to conventional capture and shoot handheld systems.

The unit is ergonomic with easily adjustable working height to accommodate standing or sitting positions. Downdraft plus backdraft high power exhaust system is incorporated for safe operations. 

In addition to stand-alone operation, WorkSTATION pro-x can interface with a PACS or LIS through coded solution or TWAIN mode.

Whenever the digital imaging features are not required, the WorkSTATION 140 is available without the digital camera.

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