Partner with Abacus dx

As an ISO 9001: 2008 accredited organisation with over fifty years experience, Abacus dx is dedicated to offering superior solutions in the areas of anatomical pathology, allergy and autoimmunity, bone and mineral testing, infectious serology, haematology, life science, medical simulation education products, and general laboratory equipment. The success of Abacus dx to date is the result of the competence of our management group and board of directors in identifying and capitalising on opportunities in the market.

We achieve this by building strong and binding relationships with our key suppliers through exclusive distributor agreements and by implementing sales, marketing, and support strategies that provide mutual benefit to the company, the supplier and to the customer.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality products to meet the specialist needs of our customers. The products we sell and support are chosen because of their worldwide recognition for quality and manufacturer excellence. Through our partnership with over 100 local and international suppliers, we are not only providing customers with innovative and often niche products that they would otherwise have difficulty sourcing, but also offering ongoing technical service and support at a local level.

“Abacus have been a committed and reliable distribution partner whom without, we would not have had as much success in the Australian market.  We have watched Abacus grow over the years with great pleasure and are proud to have been part of their journey”

Dr. Julien Kirby, Global Lab Systems Support Manager / Regional Sales Director SE Asia at OMEGA DIAGNOSTICS GROUP PLC

We add value to our manufacturer’s products through our unrivaled customer service provision and support. Delivering upon promised results has made us the leading international distributor for many of our overseas suppliers. Our key customers are private pathology laboratories, hospitals, research and educational institutions, blood donor services and specialist centres such as IVF and veterinary laboratories. Although represented locally in major Australian and New Zealand cities, the Abacus dx head office is in Brisbane, Queensland where the company has been acknowledged for its successes through receipt of the Telstra Queensland Medium Business Award in 2010 and inclusion on the 2007 and 2008 Queensland 400 awards.

Strategic objectives include company sustainability and developing people through fostering a high performance culture. The business is therefore constantly working to improve and to better serve and meet our customers’ needs.