Abacus ALS raises $3,500 for the Paraplegic Benefit Fund

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

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Six months after commencing our “Walking for Wellness” challenge, Abacus ALS staff have recently reached our milestone of walking over 3,500 kilometres to raise money for the Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF).  We started the challenge back in July 2016 with the aim to help our staff increase their wellness, through being more active, whilst also raising money for this worthy cause.

By reaching this milestone Abacus ALS staff have raised $3,500 for the
Paraplegic Benefit Fund!

The $3,500 raised from walking 3,500 kilometres will go towards the PBF’s Gifting Program which helps those in need meet any financial shortfalls that having a spinal injury often incur.

Life with a spinal injury can be extremely challenging.  Imagine not being able to do simple tasks for yourself to relieve your discomfort and pain?  As a quadriplegic you require a carer to put you back into your bed multiple times a day, just so you can raise your own feet.  Something as simple (yet costly) as elevators for your power wheelchair would enable you to raise your feet yourself as often as you need to.

Donations to PBF Australia help people with spinal cord injuries conduct tasks as simple as elevating their own feet. 






Shayne Christensen (CEO, Abacus ALS) presenting the donation to Tony South (PBF).

















If you would like to know more about the PBF and how you can help someone with a spinal cord injury – please click here.


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