Phadia Prime Software

Last updated: 01st September, 2021

Phadia Prime is the operator software developed for the Phadia Laboratory Systems: Phadia™ 100, Phadia™ 200, Phadia™ 250, Phadia™ 1000, Phadia™ 2500 series and Phadia™ 5000 series of instrument.

Features of Phadia Prime

  • Handles requests calculations, statistics, and results for dedicated in vitro diagnostic ImmunoCAP™ and EliA™ tests to aid in the diagnosis of allergic and autoimmune diseases.
  • Includes several modules: Test Management, Result Reporting, Stock Management, System Integration, Connectivity, Phadia LabCommunity, Quality Club and Help Function.
  • The software also includes the possibility to enable Phadia Prime Add-on functionality.

LIS Connectivity

  • Communicates with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and Laboratory Automation Systems (LAS) and enable direct contact with the remote Thermo Fisher Service teams through connection to Phadia™ LabCommunity.
  • Runs on Microsoft operating system Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 10.
  • The operation of Phadia 100, Phadia 250, Phadia 1000, Phadia 2500 series and Phadia 5000 series of instruments requires an external PC running Phadia Prime software.
  • Phadia 200 instrument has the Phadia Prime software built in for stand-alone operation.

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