NEW EliA LKM-1 now available

Last updated: 05th March, 2021

EliA LKM-1 measures antibodies against LKM-1 as an aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis type 2 and is the first EliA test for this autoimmune liver disease. It is complementary to the already available EliA M2 that supports the diagnosis of primary biliary cholangitis.

EliA LKM-1 wells are coated with Human recombinant LKM-1 and can be tested using serum or plasma and available to run on the Phadia 200, 250 and 2500 range of instruments.

With the EliA M2 and LKM-1 tests, we can now offer a flexible and fully automated testing solution for these clinically important autoimmune liver disease markers.

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