How to Increase Productivity and Reduce Errors of Patient Immunofixation (IF) Samples using CAPILLARYS 3 for M-protein Identification

Last updated: 13th June, 2022

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Protein Electrophoresis labs are subject to workforce shortages, workflow improvements and cost constraints that require innovative solutions.

Medium to high-volume laboratories that exclusively use gel electrophoresis for Immunofixation [IFE] testing can face a number of inefficiencies, including:

  • Significant employee hours spent manually pipetting patient samples onto the gel.
  • Excessive hands-on time that decreases productivity and increases errors.
  • Lengthy wait states, particularly during the analysis phase.

Sebia offers Workflow Services for labs looking for an automated solution for IF.

This comprehensive workflow assessment can provide you with a fully integrated Immunotyping (IT) solution that fit to your needs and will positively impact your turn around time. 

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