The all new TissueSAFE plus – the best is now better

Last updated: 20th August, 2018

TissueSAFE plus is an innovative patented vacuum system which ELIMINATES formalin in the operating theatre and allows a controlled formalin-free transfer of biospecimens to the laboratory.

Immediately after excision, specimens are transferred to an adjacent room where the TissueSAFE plus is installed. Tissue is placed into sterilized specimen bags and sealed under vacuum. “Fresh” specimen arrives and fixation procedures can now start under controlled conditions in the laboratory.

  • No formalin fumes

  • Specimens are held in ‘as fresh’ conditions

  • No spilling

  • Original specimen colours are preserved

  • Drying of tissues is eliminated

Click here to find out seven good reasons for choosing the TissueSAFE plus over an industrial vacuum system.

Click here to view the TissueSAFE plus brochure.

Click here to find out more about the Milestone TissueSAFE plus and the Milestone SealSAFE on Milestone’s website.


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