New automated probe from ZytoVision – MYC

Last updated: 25th January, 2022

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ZytoMation® MYC Dual Color Break Apart FISH Probe*.

The ZytoMation® MYC Dual Color Break Apart FISH Probe is an automation probe designed to detect translocations involving the chromosomal region 8q24.21 harboring the MYC gene. The MYC proto-oncogene (MYC proto oncogene, bHLH transcription factor, a.k.a. CMYC) encodes a transcription factor essential for cell growth and proliferation and is broadly implicated in tumorigenesis. Translocations involving the MYC gene are considered cytogenetic hallmarks for Burkitt lymphoma but are also found in other types of lymphomas.

Detection of the MYC translocation is very important in the field of hematopoietic disorders. ZytoVision are providing MYC rearrangement probes in the ZytoDot®, ZytoLight®, and FlexISH® product lines and now an automated version for higher throughput testing.

The ZytoMation® MYC Dual Color Break Apart FISH Probe is designed for fully automated application on the Leica Bond stainers:

  • Leica BOND™-III
  • Leica BOND™-MAX
  • Leica BOND™ RXm (RUO)

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