Streck Flow Cytometry Controls

Last updated: 21st March, 2024


Based on Streck’s proprietary cell-stabilization technology, they offer a comprehensive line of positive procedural controls and cellular stabilisation products for immunophenotyping by flow cytometry. Their unique CD-Chex® quality controls provide assay values for both normal and abnormal leukocyte populations and reference values for both intracellular and surface markers. Their cellular stabilization products are designed to preserve samples for extended periods while easing handling concerns and allowing for room temperature storage, cold-chain free shipping and batch processing.

Why Streck flow controls?

Streck offers the most comprehensive line of flow cytometry controls and are an independent third party control with consistent known values and multiple markers in each particular product.

Streck advantages

  • Positive procedural controls.
  • Verifying all steps involved in immunophenotyping.
  • Reduced prep time less pipetting, reduced opportunity for error.
  • Fewer lot to lot correlations, fewer orders to place and reduced chances for expired product.
  • Free ILQC program (STATS ® peer group review program).

Replicates a patient sample

  • Contains stabilized human blood cells that replicate a patient sample.
  • Processed in the same manner as patient samples, testing the entire preparation, staining, and analysis procedure.


  • Consistent and reliable assay values for both normal and abnormal leukocyte populations.
  • Established 90-day shelf-life reduces the time and cost associated with lot-to-lot correlations and frequent product shipments.

Superior assay values

  • Known target(s), such as CD marker percent recovery and absolute counts.
  • Defined assay ranges and average values for each marker.
  • Surface and intracellular markers.

Meet industry standards

  • Our comprehensive list of assayed markers encompasses most screening panels.
  • Allows laboratories to meet industry standards including CLIA, CLSI, and CAP guidelines.

Streck have you covered! Select the available markers to find the products you need

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Streck Quality Control:

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