SEBIA: Gel Electrophoresis

Last updated: 12th January, 2023

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Sebia are world leaders in electrophoresis testing. In addition to capillary electrophoresis, they provide a comprehensive range of agarose gel electrophoresis instruments and tests. 


  • Hydragel™ Protein
  • Hydragel™ β1 – β2 


  • Hydragel™ IF / Penta 
  • Hydragel™ Bench Jones
  • Hydragel™ IF / BJ HR (High Resolution)
  • Hydragel™ Urine Profile


  • Hydragel™ CSF / CSF IEF
  • Hydragel™ A1AT (Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Phenotyping)
  • Hydragel™ β2 Transferrin
  • Hydragel™ ISO-CK/ ISO-LDH/ ISO-PAL
  • Hydragel™ Haemoglobin / Acid Haemoglobin
  • Hydragel™ LDL/HDL CHOL Direct
  • Hydragel™ Lipoprotein and LIPO + Lp(a) 

Gel Electrophoresis Systems:

  • Hydrasys2 SCAN / Isofocusing
  • ASSIST Module
  • GELSCAN Densitometer


  • Interpretation and results validation
  • Multi-criteria search function; including patient result history
  • SQL Client/Server database
  • Networking of all Sebia Instruments
  • within a laboratory
  • between distant sites
  • Decentralised validation
  • Unlimited storage capacity of patient database

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